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from author Robert E. Birnschein 

Not A Young Man's Game

A sentimental story of a midwestern son who sets about reclaiming a lost piece of his family's multi-generation farming heritage.

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 A collection of some very short, short stories, but ones that create vivid places and characters in so small an amount of time.

Robert E. Birnschein

     Welcome to my author page, where I showcase my current & upcoming novels and short stories.

‚ÄčMy self-publishing imprint is Beachabond Books and I enjoy the challenge of writing for a variety of age groups, from adventurous young adult & juvenile fiction, to gripping adult fiction.   

"Greatest space exploration novel of the century."
- Aaron (Facebook)

"...Written very well, is very interesting, including the plot, development of characters, etc.  I really enjoyed reading it..."

- Mike in Metairie (Amazon)

The Starseeker Gambit
Robert E. Birnschein

General Fiction

Travel back in time to a night in the Old West, a dark dangerous stranger, and an overconfident youth who hasn't yet fit into a man's boots.

"...a writing style that is crisp and fast, this book is 
a quick, easy and very entertaining read." 
- Ray Schrab (Amazon)

" my attention right away and the story kept going from there."

-J. Deshima (Amazon)

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The Tractor Photo
Martian Runaway

Science Fiction