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Back in the early '90s I earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Education from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  After teaching high school for several years, I moved into various manufacturing industry engineering positions.  For a time I worked a dream job for NASA helping to design and build plant growth research experiments that have flown on the space shuttle and up to the International Space Station.  

I have been a voracious reader since childhood.  I remember as a boy stumbling across The City of Gold and Lead by John Christopher in the meager science fiction section of my rural school library.  It was the first book to open my imagination beyond the small, farming town world I knew, and started my journey to thousands of planets, peoples, and stories ever since.  Today, I still quest for unique and perhaps forgotten science fiction stories among the dusty shelves of second hand book stores.  

When my own children were younger I thoroughly enjoyed telling fantastical bed-time stories and keeping them up longer than they should have been!  Later on they encouraged me to put to paper some of the stories they'd enjoyed the most, and that had gotten more detailed with every re-telling.  About this time I remembered a long lost novel I'd started in college that had been languishing unfinished for too many years.  Once I'd dusted it off and gotten started, the creative juices flowed again and old ideas and new stories clamored to be written.  

I now have several great novels under my belt, as well as some engaging short stories.  I hope you enjoy checking them out.

I currently live in Wisconsin, but I have plans to travel the world and see it's many beaches, always with a good book in hand.  A beach vagabond, or beachabond if you will.   

Thanks for starting your journey here.

Beachabond Books

from author Robert E. Birnschein 

Robert E. Birnschein